Shine TV broadcasts New Zealand-wide on Freeview Satellite and SKY. For either of these platforms you'll need both a satellite dish and satellite decoder box.
You can also watch online for free on our webstream.

In Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch, Shine is available on Vodafone InHome cable TV, as part of the SKY package only.   Vodafone website


(not Freeview|HD) - channel 25

It is important to note the difference between Freeview Satellite and Freeview|HD. Besides being different methods of getting the digital TV signal to you, they have different coverage areas and selection of channels.

-Freeview Satellite requires both a satellite dish and decoder box and does carry Shine TV.  It covers 100% of New Zealand homes.

-Freeview|HD has a different decoder box (or may be built into your TV) and uses a UHF (normal) aerial instead of a dish.  Along with a few other channels, Freeview|HD does not carry Shine TV.  Some parts of New Zealand are not in the coverage area.

Visit Freeview's website (including coverage search.)


 Basic package - channel 201

For more information about SKY subscription, installation and channels visit the SKY website


We stream the channel online in 3 different quality settings to match your internet speed.   Watch Now

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