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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

dipal says,

I have been to the doctor and physiology about my shoulder pains and they said theses nothing wrong with it.. i have this sore shoulder for more then 1 year and half, please pray so my shoulder heals.

June says,

Prayer that my foot that has been sore for two weeks is not broken going to get checked tomorrow

Katie says,

Father God please touch and heal Aunty Jillian with your love and healing power. She has been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and has a sick husband too. Help Uncle Tui open his heart to you too.

naomi busby says,

Hi shine.if there could be healing of the pain and hurt thats in my neck and back..prey to restore my daughters soul and heart with what weve both been through..healing of soul and spirit for us both.

K says,

Fast & pray. Heavenly forgive our sins. Father please touch & heal my daughter completely. Touch & heal her mind- body- soul. Keep her healthy- happy. Shower YOUR blessings of good health-wealth-wisdom-knowledge-peace on her. Help her in her study- e

Jaelle says,

To be healed of a crippling back condition..Praise God.

Tim says,

Pray for my friend Bernie. Pray that she will get saved.

Darryl says,

Hello. Please pray that my daughter will not go to prison and for a sheild of protection around me and my family to keep the enemy out. Pray for a stronger faith for myself. Thank you.

Shulamite says,

Pray for me to focus more on Jesus & remain faithful,my 14 year daughter and her walk with Christ.Thank you so much. May God continue to strengthen you all and bless you all. In Christ forever

Nicky says,

Please pray God will heal me of a 15 year illness today. Thanks!

Joanna says,

Thank you Lord for giving us life. We face many challenges and know there are reasons for them. Help me to keep strong in faith as you guide me and look after my heart. May thy will be done. Amen.

Nicky says,

Please pray God will heal me of a 15 year illness today. Thanks

Susan says,

To be healed of Breast Cancer

Jd says,

please pray for our home tobe sold so that we can move forward with our life, and feel settled in where God wants us tobe , it feels like a real burden around us when we just want to move forward

K says,

Heavenly father forgive our sins. Touch & heal fungus in my fingers. THANK YOU IJN Amen

Christine Hemus says,

Our daughter, Anna-Joy, in ICU at Nth Shore mental hospital, needs prayer & deliverance because she is traumatized from hearing a voice she thinks is God telling her to jam her fingers in the door etc

Christopher Godb says,

Please pray for me for my sickness i got want that to go plus i need healing my whole rightside arm weak eyesight half blind and speech want that to change and also want my life to change too



Mele Robertson says,

Please pray for my family. I have four sons. Eight grandchildren.I look after my 84 year old father. Please pray for good health and spiritual strength and unity in our family . Thank you!!

josh says,

Please pray for me. Satans destroying me,My mind and my health and now my spirit aswell.

Mike says,

Please pray for me, need a normal job.

Anon says,

Please pray for my work colleague Dave he getting fined for stealing too many scallops

Gretchen says,

Please pray for my sick car, it has starting giving me problems and costing me a lot of money!

richard says,

can u prayer for healing /breakthough for my health problem.healing for my mind and emotiions. and prayer for my mother whos mentaily treid her name is jan

Marie says,

Please pray for my property I am in arrears to the bank and they want it sold in a mortgagee sale. I am trying to sell it before that will happen. This weekend last chance. Need a buyer urgently.

Abree says,

Please Lord heal our skin and regrow our hair miraculously to great lengths and protect is from evil. Pls heal us.

Nicky says,

Please pray God heals me of a 15 year illness. Please I need a miracle.

Melody says,

Please pray for my partner te whetu to come home soon & for us to move in a new home for the well being of our kids & moko. Changes are coming this year for the good we have the lord by our side

Vincent says,

Pray for my wife Rita that she will be cured from her stage 4 lung cancer, And to keep her and my two Boys Anthony, & Micheal in good health.

Jennifer says,

Please pray that my children & I will be able to go home to the USA very soon!

alicia says,

please pray for Gods love to restore our marriage and family

Mary asks says,

for prayer for an elderly man who is an alcoholic and anti-God. He desperately needs salvation and hope. He is in trouble with the law and owes a lot of money to people,

E says,

every one wants there prayer to be done. when you need it most god will do it

Ana says,

Prayer for my children and husband for guidance and protection in their lifes. That the Lord will always be close to them. Also for my friend Lorraine who has cancer, for a total healing.

Ana says,

Healing of emotional and spiritual strongholds of the mind and to have perfect peace.

Jasmine says,

Please pray that God will heal my broken relationship with Jake and will bring us back together. Also, that He will give me strength to get through this difficult time. Thank you.

anonymous says,

i need strong deliverence from abuse and from being mistreated hurt punished for something i havent done. please pray for my deliverence from being treated cruely and hurt .deliverence from abusers

rebecca says,

god to pick me and my work and financies up to a level where i can prosper and suceed. to pick me up out of all the struggle and myre .

Tina says,

For salvation for my family . My mum, sister and her kids and their dad Keith. My sister Margaret has a drug addiction and our family needs Jesus and His healing over our family, for hurts & addiction

Inez says please says,

Prayr for my grandaughter Taryn shes having op Monday 8th to do with her ovaries. Plse pray that all will be well with no complications and for complete healing. Thank you Jesus!!!

CR says,

Prayer for healing of my tailbone injury & help to walk. Wisdom Re unethical behaviour of 1 of my Pastors acting outside the Pastoral team.

JL says,

Prayer for both my lawyer and me to find the right words to write to help me find security and peace for the future.

Anne C says,

Lord, I pray for all those on this prayer wall. Please provide for everyone with whatever need they have. Open the gates of Heaven and let your healing, love, mercy and grace flow to us all. We <3 U

shannon says,

my mum isnt a christian yet but i dont know whats going on between her and i. we just are communicating properly. theres just m nothing there. and i dont know what to pray for her

ludovic says,

SORRY TO ASK YOU AGAIN THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana/ nastia and ioulia in kiev ,ukrain

Billie says,

Please pray that I succeed in getting this job today please pray because this is a job I know I will be good at I will work hard to succeed please pray that this job is offered to me today

Matthew says,

That my pastor (Simon) will not suffer Traumatic Brain Injury as he had a head-on collision, and is in hospital.

Bub says,

Can my partner and i please have prayers im walking in the lord and he isnt and it gets tough some days like i wanna give up we belong together i know just please pray for us and for marriage

Mischa says,

Clear direction in my life to sustain through tough times to be changed from the inside out ...a prayer over my partner also who doest walk with christ as such yet blessings over him please godbless x

Amadeus B says,

to be healed of my affliction completly and to have financial abundance open over my life.