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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

JL says,

Prayer for both my lawyer and me to find the right words to write to help me find security and peace for the future.

Anne C says,

Lord, I pray for all those on this prayer wall. Please provide for everyone with whatever need they have. Open the gates of Heaven and let your healing, love, mercy and grace flow to us all. We <3 U

shannon says,

my mum isnt a christian yet but i dont know whats going on between her and i. we just are communicating properly. theres just m nothing there. and i dont know what to pray for her

ludovic says,

SORRY TO ASK YOU AGAIN THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana/ nastia and ioulia in kiev ,ukrain

Billie says,

Please pray that I succeed in getting this job today please pray because this is a job I know I will be good at I will work hard to succeed please pray that this job is offered to me today

Matthew says,

That my pastor (Simon) will not suffer Traumatic Brain Injury as he had a head-on collision, and is in hospital.

Bub says,

Can my partner and i please have prayers im walking in the lord and he isnt and it gets tough some days like i wanna give up we belong together i know just please pray for us and for marriage

Mischa says,

Clear direction in my life to sustain through tough times to be changed from the inside out ...a prayer over my partner also who doest walk with christ as such yet blessings over him please godbless x

Amadeus B says,

to be healed of my affliction completly and to have financial abundance open over my life.

Rex Westbury says,

To be able to believe in today and tomorrow without blaming myself for my 3 near death experience when I had my open heart operation a number of years ago.

Eugenie P says,

God would bless me with the wisdom and knowledge I need to understand which way to go career wise and to open my heart to love.

Mary says,

Please pray for me our father in heaven protect my marriage and refresh it in Jeuse name

Lesley says,

Please pray for healing for my back, and for clear guidance and direction from the Lord as to the next step my husband and I take. Thank you.

Lawrence Boyce says,

Please pray for work will come soon. Pray that God will show me what He has called me to

Heather says,

Please pray for my sister with terminal cancer - for her salvation, pain relief & a miraculous healing. Thank you

Chrissy says,

🎼Let our love for Thee increase, may your blessings never cease. Give us plenty, give us Peace. God defend our free land 🎶

Tina says,

This Waitangi Day we pray for NZ; thanking You for the many blessings & freedoms we Kiwis enjoy. We pray for Your Good Will for our nation & for all our Leaders; asking that we may:1 Tim2:1-4

J. says,

Lord please move in my family situations.Please let there be some good news soon re these important things as its been so long! Also please move in all these other urgent prayer requests on this wall

Janet says,

Ian & wife. Ian had 4 Heart Bypasses. On life Support. Trying to get his heart beating again. Critical.

Jill says,

Please pray for healing from vestibular problems affecting my balance.

Nyari says,

I need prayer for guidance in this year.I am in a Church I dont feel the presence of God and I would love to move on but my family is not ready.

Gill says,

Please przayy for healing for my eldest daughter -there is a bit of fresh blood when she vomits and she has torn a muscle near her cearsarian scar.

Sylvia Bowden says,

Please pray that we will receive an offer on our home by 31st January 2017 unless God has other plans!

Neville says,

for renewed marriage love

Neville says,

I need prayers for motivation N

Carol says,

Heal our marriage with my husband of 34years, hurts, mistrust.....

Neville says,

Please pray that my shoulder and neck with be healed N

Jilian says,

Fast & pray. Heavenly father shower YOUR grace on us forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband) , set my mind free from evil-unwanted-ugly thoughts. Touch-heal our mind, body & soul. Help my husband to confess his sin & repent. Destroy all evil p

Liz iosia says,

Please pray for my brother benjamin.Hes addicted to smoke and other stuff.He needs a full time job as well please..

Neville James M says,

Please pray for John that he will be healed

Irene says,

Please pray for Tania, her son Josh is engaged to girl who is anorexic, getting worse, unable to work and she is refusing professional help, he might loose his job too as he is caring for her 24/7 now

Mark Clare says,

I would like urgent prayers for a friend of mine who is in hospital serious ill she suffered a heart attack while on holiday.

Helen Cromb says,

Lord please send a minister for our Church and comunity.You know our needs and you know the right person to serve you here.Thank you Lord in Jesus name

Shannon says,

Dear God, please help me and my brother to do our study successfully..

Camellia says,

Dear Lord please help my brother-in-law to have his three children and encourage him and guide him.

Colleen says,

I need prayer please to settle my nerves and keep me calm I have never felt like this before please Lord help me and settle you peace on me ,

Shona says,

Shona has just found out she has cancer , please pray for her and her family she is a lovely lady and good friend

Raewyn says,

I need prayer support with marriage health finances and sleeping etc. We also need house repairs. Our cat is unwell.

BRUCE says,

Pray for Jean who has dementia started talking to the mirror keeps loosing her glases and false teeth gets a bit confused and muddled otherwise happily confused

Norma says,

For my daughter M to have a revelation of Jesus as her Lord and saviour and to rediscover the faith she had in God as a child

Capri says,

Im 12 almost turning 13. I really need prayer for when I get to college, I want to be focused but I need the lord and I want to earn something great to make my parents proud. Please pray for me! :)

Shiri says,

We need house renovations done. We would love to shift to another property. I need a new car. Husband has fallen away. Sleeping problems.

Raewyn says,

Please pray for health of myself and my son and husband. Son needs apprenticeship. Dad needs healing and restoration. Some members of family are not christians they have back slidden. Money needs too.

Nicky says,

Please pray God cures my 15 year illness, and restores the losses I face. Please pray God heals my spine too.

Tina says,

Please pray for protection for my kids

Luzia says,

Pls prayer for my family to remain united in love and peace always. That God will give us understanding, patience and the grace to support esch other in good times and bad times

Luzia says,

Pls prayer for my family to remain united in love and peace always. That God will give us understanding, patience and the grace to support esch other in good times and bad times

Phyllis Pauling says,

Lord strenghthen me from these low points while I wait for work. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Heal me of this sadnesss that seems ot over come me

P says,

I so pray our son gets his life in order,a clear head,doing well at work,healthy with a loyal wife & kids, & free from ALL addictions. Breakthrough I ask,& let him see the good in me too I pray.

elaine says,

Please help me to make the best decision & keep strong & not be too lonely after the end of my relationship. Also help me get thru upcoming challenges re my health, finances, which road to travel.