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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Sandra v Gorkum says,

Please ABBA FATHER Touch te heart from Jaap van Den Akker and Let him feel see you arena a live God. Let him become to a live faith in you ABBA Father Let him go babtising Babtist church for new life

Vikki says,

Please pray that I will be healed from cancer. Xx

asm says,

help my son D do well in his new venture for business and be prosperous. Help me sell my business very quickly and the buyer is very happy with the purchase, meanwhile for my business do well.

Danae Scowen says,

please pray for Danae,s full recovery from severe depression thankyou

Lisa says,

Please help my good friend Yulia to overcome her disease.

Sandie says,

Please prayer for my sister she has been out of work over a year now. Also prayer that the Lord works in life and softens her heart and she becomes a Christian.

Tony says,

Please pray for for God to restore our family and marriage of 17 years. Pray for reconciliation between my wife and myself and that God would destroy all strongholds and bring healing.

Katy says,

Lord, please help me find the answers I am searching so desperately for! And provide a way for me to overcome my financial burdens and honour you faithfully from my income; Thank you. Amen

Sandie says,

Please prayer for me to help me deal with anger I have with people who belittle me. The anger I feel is so fresh prayer the softens my heart and helps me to forgive people.

Gary Barnfather says,

Dear Lord its a month now since my grand girl came into our family and still I wait with patience for the day I can see ,mate when your ready Id love too give her a hug and a kiss from grandad

Freda says,

That my mum, who has cancer in her lungs & heart, is around for as long as she can and know that her kids will be fine and will make sure she gets taken of. Love her so much. God Bless x

Tali says,

That God would make a way for my husband to return home to NZ to live

Michael says,

Please help me overcome all my financial problems. Please provide me with success and money that I need so much. Help me Lord, help me please.

Lance says,

Please Lord I pray and ask that me and my son can stay in our house for another year in Jesus name Amen

Karen says,

My husband was diagnosed with Huntingtons last year. Job coming to an end in May. Employer leaving farming. Prayer for employment, house to live in and income would be really appreciated.

Ben says,

I praise our father in heaven for everything he does for my loving home. I praise Jesus for my loving heart, thanks Jesus for your wisdom, peace, love and caring. I thank Jesus for my employment doing horticulture with stirling council. Thanks Jesu

Moses Modise says,

Thank you for praying with me and for me,God has opened a door for me,I got a job that I was praying for,I am a correction officer.Above all I thank the Almighty God in Jesus Name for giving me a job

Chrissy says,

Please pray for my left ear for healing for deafness. Hearing went at Christmas. I am seeking complete healing for the ear. Thanks

Gill says,

for my 91 year old mother and 69 yr old husband , sons -in-law and daughter-in-law and son and daughters to know and walk in joy with the Lord.

Emily says,

Please pray for me after my heart has been broken. Please pray for peace, understanding and for the ability to let go and move on without holding resentment or unforgivness in my heart.

Elizabeth says,

Pray God gives me peace, hope and wisdom of how to handle some concerns with my work and family. Pray He helps me recharge today and shows me how to cope. I desperately need His help!!!

Kim Oakes says,

We are in battle with Tower Insurance over our house that was damaged in the earthquakes . It has been 7 long years and costing a lot money to fight them. Please pray we will be fairly treated.

Felicity Sneddon says,

I am a Home based Educater. I would really your prayears as I need some more hours of work asap. Thanks

Murray Dennett says,

pray for those with mental illness, and rejected by people for this reason. Pray the barren wasteland of friendlessness be change to vibrate sociability. For this is a key to much recovery.

Moses Modise says,

Bless the Almighty God,God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.Bless Lord Jesus Christ Bless the Holy Spirit.Thank you for your prayers I’ve got the Job.

Moses Modise says,

Thank you so much for your prayers,Corrections rang my referees today and they are still waiting for my blood test,please continue to pray for me ask the Lord to give me this job thank you

Lisa says,

Please join me in prayer for the homeless around NZ. Especially the man my son and I met in Manakau today and were able to show love and kindness to.

Dupsy says,

Please pray for an engineer job for my son. He loves GOD and always want to serve Him. Pray that he will be employed soon so that he will not be frustrated in JESUS mighty name.

Ryan Scherf says,

I am 16. I have been off school all year with chronic fatigue. I have been reacting to almost all foods, it changes from day to day. My mum has trouble feeding me. I want to be able to eat for Xmas.

Stella says,

My mum Stella has been diagnosed with a rear form of melanoma apparently only 500 cases have ever been reported world wide this makes it really difficult for our surgeons. Pray for healing thanks.

Charnley says,

please pray for my persecutors to have a change of heart and return my son to me

Amy says,

Please pray for a house to be made available for my daughter in Napier, CYFS have her children in care until she can find a house. Please pray for a part-time job for me. Thank you!

Kate says,

Kate has just been diagnosed with two brain tumours and is having a lung biopsy tomorrow (Tues). Please pray for her and that Jesus might reveal Himself to her in this dire situation. Thank you.

Marie says,

I need urgently for a cash buyer for my house or the bank will sell it thru a mortgagee sale for about half the value.

Marie says,

I need prayer for the Lord to SUDDENLY bring me a cash buyer for my house or it will sell thru a mortgagee sale.

Teresa Mary Fono says,

I pray for prayers miracles. To remove all evil from myself family members that is blocking our financial wealth our healing for health and true love from God . Restore our lives financially amen

Pauline says,

I want prayer for my son he went to hospital due to drinking too much ge was dehydrated & needed a drip to be out in. Please pray that God will reach him & show him better ways of coping

Eric says,

Hello. In May I got a DUI. I was on medication and blacked out. Last night I got a few summonses for huffing behind the wheel. Please pray the courts are merciful.

Michele Edwards says,

Please pray that my roommate moves out, he is causing me to become depressed.

Rob says,

Please pray that the malicious perverts in Work & Income will cease harrassing me and my family just because they can.

Christa says,

Please pray that the pain of my left knee and tooth gum will go. Thank you very much.

enormous says,

Please pray for my shoulder and knee, and my overall health.. i believe i will be healed in Jesus name.

Leone says,

Please pray for me to not to have the operation

Carmel says,

Kindly pray for this young man Abey to find a job. Since so many years he is applying for jobs. Please keep praying till he finds a job.Thanks so much.

Susan Francis says,

Pray for Abraham job please.

Ash says,

Please pray for child. He has small lump at the back of his ear.we believe miracle healing for him. I believe in God who is our Jahovah rapha

Tracey says,

Healing for my brother - a multiple stroke survivor who is disabled and struggles with anxiety and depression

Teresa says,

Please pray for my family: My husband needs a pastoral job, out of Auckland We need to vacate our rental by 20/12 We want our 2 little girls back. These are miracles only God can do. Thanks, bless yo

Scott W says,

I have been having epileptic fits. Please pray

Maize Kanivatoa says,

Pray for my son in oz to find a job and a godly women Thankyou