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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Clare says,

Heavenly Father, I pray for your peace and love to fill New Zealand. I pray that we may live together in unity regardless of our differences. Protect NZ from evil. Place a hedge around us

Lawrence Boyce says,

I pray for all the people in Christchurch, I pray for peace, I pray for the ones who did this, I pray that their eyes be open to what they have done. I pray that they come to Know God & Jesus Christ

Lisa Roberts says,

Lord I pray & ask that u continue to strengthen my mind, heart & body to continue to grow strong as I walk my Christian journey & keep me surrounded with all great people u have bought into my life.

Lisa Roberts says,

Pray for my physical health & to bring my family, my children Clifford,amokura,Justin,mahuta,Cherayne reunite together as a family. Help us to love & live in peace with each other forever.

Lisa Roberts says,

Lord Jesus Christ I pray for the people of Christchurch to heal & lift there spirits to all those who lost a family member & to the family who are grieving. My aroha/love is with yous all.

River Smith says,

Dear Lord, Please for all those who are in need of comfort that you wrap your arms around them in their time of need. That they turn to you for comfort and salvation. Bless you

Mercy says,

I am praying for all my brothers and sisters in God. We are better than this! We are with you New Zealand. We stand as 1

Donnell Currence says,

Hello my name is Donnell Marchello Currence. I am praying for you and New Zealand---In Jesus Christ Holy Name---Amen!

Josephat says,

Lord, I pray for your favor on my family and lead us to where you want us to be in Jesus Name. Amen

Josephat says,

I pray God please move in every family here in this nation. Move into the school systems, in the work places, in churches and especially in every family that they may come to know JESUS. In Jesus Name

Jacqui says,

Father God, our God, the God of all nations, You have your eye on the church in this nation. We a part of your plan for this nation. Thank you Lord our God. The harvest is great, send workers my Lord

Tommy says,

feeling a bit depressed and hopeless. God knows all and He knows how bad things are for me. I need Him more than ever please pray for me Thank you

Kamu Patel says,

Please pray for healing for my niece Sunita who is seriously ill in Auckland Hospital since 7/03. She has 7 children who really need her with the youngest aged 5 crying ..She is a wonderful mother.

Alicia says,

Please pray for my marriage for unity and restoration and for provision thankyou for your prayers

Chloe Rosenberg says,

Can we pray for my friend Mat? He loves Jesus, and wants the best for his children, and life. pray for realease of the past. in his timing.

my new says,

car needed my god supplies new vechicle suddenly use shopiing carry on work and blessings miracle supernatural

janay go course says,

go church favor life blessings god will done life unity mother and daughter and n8cholas and as unit .truth set free janay .

Naomi says,

Pl pray for my son Francis that today will be the day of salvation for him. That he commits his life to the lord and follow the lord all the days of his life.

Jo kelly says,

I pray for healing for the city of Christchurch and pray for the sprit of poverty to be broken in Jesus name

Lani Mikaio says,

Please pray for a financial breakthrough for me. My addictions to overspending. My loneliness. My studies this year. My life completely.

Lani Mikaio says,

Pray for me please. Just going through so much issues not only in my family with our children but financially struggling with gambling addictions. Finding a partner and guidance for my life.

Barbara says,

Pray for my Grandson Natt I have given him to Jesus but I still worry about him I think he is Bipolar

Barbara says,

I have been feeling really grotty Dr thinks I have depression but I am not sure she is right She is phoning me tomorrow to see how I am Help her to have the right diagnosis Me to say the right things

Arnold Chandra says,

Wife (Torika Tokalau) & I been separated for 7 months now pray for marriage and family to be restored & God to turn Torikas heart back to him.

Smiley says,

Need prayer for healing of long term illness &in meantime feeding tube to be placed next week &good recovery & the right care for it sorted ASAP & right new carers found & a new wheelchair.

Katy says,

Please pray for my husband and step son for salvation and peace. My husband is a very angry person and soothes with alcohol and cigarettes. My step son barely speaks to us. They are non believers.

marie watson says,

please pray for my daughter who is not well.pray so she will be healed. thank you

Rebekah Sinclair says,

Prayer for fast recovery after I had all my wisdom teeth out yesterday, prayer for swelling to go down. Thank u

Anj says,

Please pray for complete healing to my both eyes . Thank you. Bless you heaps.

nicholas decree says,

decree god move in life find christian place where set free .he stop running and surrender to him

janay says,

eenemy trying take my daughter pray god will done her life .

michael nainaar says,

my mum is in coma from 10 february 2019. her kidneys are also failing. doctors suspect brain damage.praying for divine healing and a miracle.

Julius Varela says,

I have been divorced from my wife for over 2 decades and my life has been a roller coaster since. I truly believe that God loves us and nothing is impossible with God Pls pray that we be reconciled. Thanks

nicholas says,

delivered love and blessings healing mind and spirit soul body forgiveness .transformed .

rentsamo says,

Please pray for my marriage restoration.My wife and i are living seperately for 4 and half years.I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back.

nichloas and pat says,

nicholas and patricias courtship building with god center of it and go next level for his glory

RN says,

I do need to get a job sooner. My money to support me is running out. I have applied for more than 120 jobs. Please pray for me I am in very difficult situation.

Pastor Thiebestr says,

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom chance success healty healing blessings, compasion life mercy of Jesus, grace of God, protection againts thieves, protection againts pers├ęcutions

Sister says,

Thank you lord for my brother in-law and my sister together father there prayers for us have been lifesaving now they need help just as you answers there prayers for us answer my prayer s for them

L says,

Please pray for Charllote, her partner left when he found out she was pregnant. Sheis 6mths pregnant and has just found out she has breast cancer, been given 3 yrs to live. Thanks

Norma says,

I need a miracle as I have a damaged spine after treatment for cancer which I survived and the pain keeps me awake and prevents me doing things

Emma K says,

Please pray for my son Tarumoana to have a clear understanding with his life goals and plans in his job search and to be patience in his daily life.Also to pray for his Nena Julian for good health.

Pastor Thieringo says,

Prayer request: Success chance miracles for pastor Thiebestro. Thank you

Colleen M Kelly says,

For my Cousin, May she always be as giving and loving of her family as she is to me. when i am so sick. AMEN

Rachel says,

Please pray for my son who is in with the wrong crowd and I believe is doing drugs. Pray for his deliverance

patricia janay says,

godly favor have cottage for peace mind lord provision safety and blessings flow .we not homeless sudden . glory gpd .

Alicia Boyd says,

Please pray for me for finances and a miracle

Jeremiah says,

I would like to play I the NBA for My dream job

Seena says,

Please pray for my son to pass his B.E exam after revaluation. It was not easy for him.

Angela Hughes says,

Please pray for my husband James the he would be the spiritual leader, provider and protector of our family. Pray that he puts the Lord first and listen to Jesus. That he would put the Lord first in our finances and honor our marriage. Pray that the