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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Isabel T. says,

Please help me in your prayers, that i will get all the scan, xray, test positive, this I pray in JESUS Holy Name. Amen! THANK YOU.

Devig says,

Please pray for my daughter Esther she is going more test for her breast please pray all will be clear. We expect a miracle. Also pray for my right foot is aching on the top of my foot for healing. Pe

Devig says,

Please pray for my daughter Esther who had a mammogram done they flung a thicking in her right breast. Please pray as she went going for more test soon that God will perform a miracle all will be clea

Todd says,

Healing from to lumps to the heald. Please. So I can have a family.

Anon says,

Anon says please pray for financial help as I need $15.000 to clear bad debt. Please pray for me and anyone else who is going through terrible money problems.

Carmen says,

Please pray for swift processing of the renewal of my passport and will return asap preferably during this month

carmel says,

pray for Geraldine our boss who is bullying and harassing workers

carmel says,

i want prayer for my boss who is a bully and im experiencing harassment .

Colleen says,

Prayer needed urgently for a job for my husband. Scared we will lose our home if he cannot get work and pay the mortgage.

Esther says,

Please pray for my daughter Esther who had mammogram done they found some thicking in her breast did some test waitin for results on Thursday. Please pray for a miracle all will be well. Also pray for

Reena says,

I pray that my son and the children who have their secondary school exams do well in their exams.

Suzanne J says,

I would just like to say a huge thank you to SHINE for this wonderful Prayer Wall and for all the wonderful, wonderful people who put their time and prayers into this. God bless you all abundantly :-)

Franco says,

My 5 year old son has autism and his condition is ripping our family and our marriage appart. O feel like giving up my faith in God and my wife has alredy given up.

nicholas says,

nicholas communicate soon god working behind scences .patricia here from.nicholas

Tezzy says,

Healing 🙏


Please pray for my cousin Hephsibah Thomas to be healed from blood cancer final stage. I proclaim her healing in Jesus name. Amen

lydia says,

I grew up in a dysfunctional family mentally tortured by my own family. I made a wrong choice and got married to my friend whom i dont love as a husband. i dont know wat to do, what god wants from me

Isabel T. says,

I would like to thank to all the staff on this prayer wall, & thank God for answering our prayers. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Keep on Praying.

Tezzy says,

Healing 🙏

Devig says,

Please pray for Esther as her results came on her right breast canceres. Please pray for a miracle for healing. As she is in shock and taking it bad. Our God is a miracle workin God. Thank you Jesus.

Devig Ll says,

Please pray for my daughter Pam who lives in Brisbane. She is separated from her husband Jay for over 2 yrs and paying towards the morgage . She has sent him lawyers letter to sign the house on her na

Gynnie says,

Please pray for me when I go for a checkup today and I suffer from anxiety to overcome my fears when I make that appointment.

Esther says,

Please pray for me that my mammogram will be clear with out a spot . Than you Jesus.X

Devig says,

Please pray for Clive for reconciliation in his marriage. For peace an unity in his home as there is so much strive. Pray for understanding amongst them as a couple. Thank you jesus.

Devig says,

Please pray for my daughter Esther as he got her results from the mammogram she is vey I am too they want to do more tests tomorrow. Please pray all will be w. ll I trust in Jesus they will find all is

Kelsey leigh says,

I ask for prayers for my landlords they are having troubles with a build site and have done so much for me lord guide them on their journey as they strive for happiness i ask in jesus name Amen

Bradley hardie says,

Please keep your refuge over my friend he has cancer and is in constant pain please eliminate all pain and cancer from his body I ask this in Jesus name by his stripes Amen

Kelsey leigh says,

Please by his stripes heal my best friend and brother jd porter please ease his pain nd in jesus name remove all his cancer please heal him completely thanku in jesus name Amen

Esther says,

Please pray for me as I got my results from mammogram which had . I’m worried they found a thing and goiter do more test tomorrow. Please pray it won’t be bad news I’m praying much all be clear and m

Anonymous says,

Please pray against a take over that’s try to take place within my home.We also pray against the spirit of intimidation God strength to over come sight to see ears to hear and Gods Grace .Thank you

Erin says,

Truth. I need to know God’s truth about Whether I should stay in a relationship or leave

Carol says,

Please pray for Hans. Cancer spreading. He is trusting in God. Psalm 91. No evil will befall him and no plague will come come near his dwelling because Hans trusts in him.

Kevin says,

Heart problem

Gary Lepper says,

Gary says I would like pray 4 a Big Breakthrough 4 my illness Reactive OCD,Gods plan purpose will 4 my life,May the holy spirit guide me in all these things

Gary Lepper says,

My name is Gary,I would like 2 pray 4 a big Breakthrough 4 my illness Reactive OCD,Gods plan purpose will 4 my life,May the holy spirit guide me in all these things,Gary.

Gary Lepper says,

My name is Gary,I would like 2 pray 4 a big Breakthrough 4 my illness Reactive OCD,Gods plan purpose will 4 my life,May the holy spirit guide me in all these things,Gary.

Devi G says,

Please pray for Clive and Deevia for peace in their as they always fighting and not coming to an agreement. They will go back to their bedroom as they are not sharing. Pray Deevia for a calm spirit a

Devig I says,

Please pray for Clive for restoration in his marriage. His wife has a very controlling spirit their is no peace amongst them . Xshe has no respect for him please pray for a calm spirit for both will r

Ants smith says,

Lord give me strength as I’m in separation from my spouse, let his heart and eyes be open to you lord Bless my marriage in restoration in your time of healing I will have faith

Alicia says,

Could you please pray for me for restoration of my marriage and Family

Nicolette Goudie says,

Pray that my son and I dont get the microchip and we will have a place to hide st the right time. And wisdom to know who the antichrist is.

T says,

Please pray that the ringing in my ears will stop 4eva 🙏

Terry says,

God please forgive me for my sins, please heal and release me from tension anxiety and depression, and make life a little easier 🙏

Val Tuumatavai says,

Prayer for my family and I please

nicholas set says,

free jesus heal.wounds and god show dreams and forgive and commnicate.more and open heart up.again meet unity.blood lamb word testimony .favor of god be on us patricia jesus nicholas .glory to god .

Anne-Sophie says,

I am writing my dissertation. Due to emotional and health problems, I am behind in my work. Please pray that I can write quickly good quality 15000 words and that I can hand my project by early Oct.

Vanessa says,

Please keep Dixie, my sister in prayer. She has cancer and has been in hospital over the last week, keeps being sick and not been able to go to the toilet. Has given her heart to Jesus. Gods blessing.

Robyn says,

Please pray for my friends boyfriend has brain surgery on Monday morning for his condition chiari malformation disease he’s 36 years old. Please pray that God will guide the surgeons

Max says,

God please help my family to discern Your will as we make the decision around permanency/home for life for our foster kids. And please help us to act on Your will in faith, love, and grace.

Anon says,

Pls pry 4 my boy...bad influences..bad friendZ. Turned his back n GOD and fam. We all worried. Thxq