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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Cameron says,

Hello My name is Cameron Holland, I am asking for prayer for a friend of mine who is a christian. i ask for people in their numbers to pray for God to place his mighty hand upon this situation.

A.T says,

Pls Heavenly Father may all my children n grandchildren n myself be blessed with good humble n loyal partners and that we come together in your name I say this in Jesus beautiful name Amen

Terry B says,

To Stop my repetitive thoughts and phraser please GOD

Peter says,

The chemo caused damage to my brain which led to a major speech impediment frontal lobe damage and ataxic cerebral palsy. Ive also suffered from epilepsy asthma and osteoporosis. Prayer for healing

Le Marianni says,

Please Pray for Eric, Cuben, Alaina Keira Leila, May they be blessed have miracles, I pray in loyalty truth trust respect honesty lord I pray you hear our hearts thank you amen

Le Marianni says,

Dear god I pray in hope trust loyalty faith faithfulness for Eric Cuben Alaina Keira, as I sit and talk to you My world is lost, I’m finding it hard today I give you my burdens, faith I am loyal to know you, that things work in your time, you

Carol says,

I m asking prayer for my self.For a very much closer walk with God.Help me to pray more & also to read & study my Bible more,TY

Carol says,

Please pray for my son.He is addicted to playing games on his play station.

eman says,

please pray for my daughter to have a healthy full term baby and be a mother

Gary Wills says,

Please pray for my Filipino friend who may be experiencing Phantom Pregnancy. Pray for protection from depression, suicidal thoughts and any self harm and she will get the care and support she needs.

Terry says,

That mine and others here Anxiety PTSD will go away, super natural healing. Amen

Tracey Anne Toth says,

No more ringing noise or no more hearing loss but whole hearing

Ken & Rissa says,

I am in a financial crisis at this time and need prayers.I also need prayers to bring my fiancee here from the Philippines visa & other immigration requirements.

Matt says,

Please pray for our unborn baby. That the large blood blister/hematoma will reduce without harming the baby. And we will have a healthy happy baby.

Leanne says,

Please pray for my freinds daughter Amber . she is very sick.

Leanne says,

Gateway Christian Fellowship Church open day on the 15 July. Thank you team!

Leanne says,

Please pray for my friend Donna. She has a sore back caused by stress. Thank you team!

Tracey Anne Toth says,

Ringing of the ear and no more hearing loss and also hearing for my husband after his falll and hurt is pelvis and leg

michelle again says,

HELP me Jesus ...

michelle says,

Prayer for family ... me freedom from alcobol ... all of us to return to Gods ways and become better people

Marj says,

Hadcs mental breakdown and need healing of my mind from all the torment which is so overwhelming.

jennifer says,

Pray for the Reidie family to see and received the message from Jesus and follow him. Blessing over Blossom to give her strength and courage.

jennifer says,

Pray for Joyce to have a peaceful passing over to God. Amen

Carol says,

Prayer for Ruby,she has lung problems.Prayer for Bubby,infection & rash & under her breast.thanks

Hettie worrells says,

Pray for blessing over Hettie to have mind of chris in Jesus name amen

alma worrells says,

Pray for blessing over alma to have good memory. In jesus name amen.

Cas says,

Prayer for Nats infection in both eyes.Protection over corneal transplant.thanks

Pam says,

Please pray for my daughter Christie who suffers from severe anxiety. Her husband says he cannot cope with the situation any more. They have 2 young children. May the Lord heal them.

kathy says,

can you please pray, there is something wrong with the back of my mouth and its dry and burns a little and has fuild at the back of it ,and some time i do have trouble breathing when sleeping at night. thanks

Carol Simeon says,

Prayer for Miss N,for facial pain.

Jonathan says,

Prayer for healing of wounds, healing of my soul and victory in spiritual oppression And financial blessing

Optic says,

Listener says my Optic Nerve has swollen, and they want to do a lumber punch; going through a serious trial; seeks support & protection.

Le Marianni says,

Dear God I pray in healing for Eric cuben Keira Alaina myself Lord I come today in hope of miracles and blessings I’m asking in truth trust hope respect loyalty honesty faith faithfulness That if this is in our will to be together that we ar

JP says,

Please Lord heal this family rift which has errupted.Vindicate my name from this false accusation & the exageration & slander occurring.Keep our family close like they were. This is breaking my heart

Sadie says,

My 64 year old uncle is critically ill with lupus. The doctors and specialists he has seen have provided no help. Please pray for a miracle of healing or a pathway for him to receive the help he needs

Elisha says,

Pray for Elisha, a missionary who is hospitalised in Kenya after returning from NZ, he is desperately awaiting more blood transfusion, pray for more people to donate blood,courage,strength&healingAMEN

Amy says,

Please pray for my daughter Charlotte, she has had a tummy ache for 3 days and I am so worried about her.

Terry says,

Super natural healing upon me, my family, and all that need it right in the now

Sue says,

I have a recurrence of cancer in my stomach after recovering from the initial diagnosis, surgery and chemo in August 2017. My faith is strong. can you pray for me please.

Martin says,

Please pray for my friends addiction to pornography, to receive help and support against these issues, and for him to know the love of Jesus Christ

Maryanne says,

ThankYou for your Prayers for a successful financial outcome for my tenancy tribunal applications. That I will be able to move out from where I am to where God wants me to be. Amen

Mum says,

Desperate for breakthrough for disfunctional daughter in law who has turned against us again & turned our son against us & our family.Dont understand.Hurts so bad,am so sad.Heal & reunite please Jesus

Olivia says,

Please pray for my Mother Helen, she has breast cancer and it has spread to other areas including her spine and neck! There is a war in the heavenlies over her life, please declare victory& healing.

Melina says,

Please pray for me and my husband. He is addicted to alcohol and I want our marriage to thrive but I do not want to share him any longer with this substance. Please God, help us to see the way.

Esah says,

Need a miracle healing prayer gor my sister Justina She has s terminal case breast cancer and my husband Glen a colon cancer. Thank you.

Sepi says,

Please pray for my partner Josh and I to find the right Church to get married in, and to get married before God and our loved ones.

Narina says,

I have skin cancers on my face, have treated them with efudix cream for 3 weeks and still there, please pray that God will take them away and heal my skin.

Anwar ali says,

Pray for healing of my cancer

Anonymous says,

Please pray that my aunty leah back pain is healed and that she wil no longer suffer with it in pain and agony as she has 2 active young boys. Please pray for strength,peace and comfort. Amen

Tracey Anne Toth says,

Healing from Celiac Disease.