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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Gloria says,

Please pray for little Harvey who has just turned 5 years old but is in and out of Starship because of his asthma/respiratory problems. Please also pray for his family to love and know God. Thank you

T says,

Thank you for praying for my children who get sick often. I cannot work because i never know when i will get a call from the school. One has a diagnosis and we are struggling financially.

Mum says,

Pls join with me in praying for my teenagers, that they will have a REAL experience of The Lord in their lives. They are bucking against our faith.

khayin- Mishaya says,

for vision church to do well and prosper in all they do and for the town of westport to be released from all darkness

khayin- Mishaya says,

for jordan porter to always have god by his syd and for god to keep him safe ffrom any darkness and harm

khayin- Mishaya says,

for bradley hardie to recover from surgery well and for god to be with him thru it all and keep him in his arms

nadine michelle says,

Two co-workers have made false allegations against me claiming I pushed and threatened one of them and the other is falsely claiming to have witnessed this. I have lost my job over these false allegations. Please pray that God reveals the truth about

Mikael MORON says,

Hello ! Pray Jesus Christ for every employment seeker in order to find a permanent employment in full time and to be very well defended by the trade unionists.Pray for their happiness. Amen !

Elsie says,

Healing for extraction swollen gums infection. For swollen feet. Family unity. Peace protection in my apt. Peace with my neybors. Peace with my sister and my boyfriend healing for his high blood press

Lyn says,

That the Lord would heal my reaction to fragrances, chemical and natural ,or that there is a church congregation where they will for one day of the week, be willing to not wear perfumes.

Dupsy says,

Divine Complete Permanent Healing for my husband. GOD’S mercy and compassion on workers at my place of work to make things easy for us all in JESUS mighty name.

Sandie says,

My sister has been looking for a job. I have other prayer requests on prayer wall. She has an interview on Monday 17/09/2018. at 12.15pm. Please prayer that the interview goes well.

Damian says,

Please Jesus give healing to Damian after his awful accident

Brent says,

Dear Lord grant healing to Brent as he undergoes cancer treatment

Monica says,

Lord in your mercy grant healing to young mum Monica

Sandie says,

Please prayer for my sister to get a job soon. She has been looking for over Two years. Her

Nigel says,

Holy God, I love you. I praise and honour your holy name. Glory to you, my God, from the heavens. I bow down before you, my God, with an open heart of love. I praise you for your love, my God. Amen.

Sharon KING says,

Please pray for God to deliver me from hardship and open new doors for me

Annlyn says,

Please pray for my daughter Rochelle that the Lord will bless her with a job, a house and a spouse.

Pamela says,

Please pray for marriage restoration and husband come back to the Lord.

Sarah says,

Please pray for those who are going through IVF longing to be parents

T says,

No more sad feelings any more

Terry says,

Please pray for all of us suffering mental health issues, that our depression, anxiety, repetitive thoughts will be lifted into the light of God. Also Please heal & forgive all pass transgression

nicholas says,

to find mens group men been jail and raped in their god move suddenly and open door for healing brokeness and forgive jesus name.

Mea Bishop says,

I pray for my brother and sister inlaw they both need your healing Lord. They are hurting from the past and present and they both need forgiving hearts for the awesome future you have planned for the

Colleen says,

Please pray God shows me clearly where he wants me to rent.God sends me Christian female flatmate where I live or God opens another door for me to live & God provides money to pay rent.Praise God

Sista says,

Please pray for the ministers & leaders in churches.

Sis says,

Please pray for my brother he has Emphacemia.Thank you Jesus.

nicholas says,

forgiveness and god brings us closer together blood the lamb word testimony jesus name

Rach says,

Thank you god for all you have given me, for the amazing people in my life- prayer please for gods presence and guidance with me while sorting my current issue, thank you for being with me always.

Shirley says,

Prayers for my colleague whose husband has stage 4 cancer, pray for strength , peace, love and the opportunity for them to know god.

Sandie says,

Please prayer for the world to value people better in the work place. All jobs and all people. Instead expecting all people to be gifted at all things.

Sandie says,

Please prayer for my sister to get a job soon. She feels disheartened as she gets knock backs. She needs to be valued. Ask God to work in her heart.

Sandie says,

My sister has been looking for a job. She has not been successful yet. This is getting her down please prayer that she finds the right job soon that values her as a person.

Yashmin Ali says,

Plz pray for my mum yashmin Ali she has Diverticulosis told by drs she is on waiting list to have a colonoscopy then surgery,she has been in so much pain n inflammation from past few weeks n also having heavy menstrual bleeding she also had fibroids

emsa says,

Please pray for my friend tylah shes really sick so plz plz plz pray for healing towards her and her mum is freaking out alot because tylah is sick so pray for her to stop freaking out about it please

sathish says,

Bless my income.

Helen B says,

Please pray that my daughter Robyn would turn back to God and that her relationship with me would be restored, in the Name of Jesus

kathleen henders says,

for Stacey job promotion to quality insurance inspector open doors for her too get a call today

R says,

Please pray to the Lord to help me in life, pray for me and have faith for me. Please pray for him to heal my soul as well. Thank you, I love you all.

Nicholas says,

Please pray that God will provide us with all the resources required to build our planned international christian school(Camp David Green Academy) in Kenya. Waiting upon the Lord. In His service, Nicholas

Melanie says,

I need prayers for my health. I have a recurring bladder condition which causes a lot of stress and discomfort and remains undiagnosed. This has gone on for years. Please pray for my healing. Thanks.

Samson Ali says,

My perents lie and had the doctors restrain me under mental health . My perents lie

Bernadette says,

I pray that all of Rhema addresses the concerns of single women who havenever married and whowereoncelesbians... we are strong women and often never plan to marry..Please include us in Rhema!!!

James Arthur whi says,

Pray for me to become friends with Jen H that I work with. Pray for me to get close to her and she reaches out to me. Pray if she is the one I am to marry that we get married and God brings this toget

Anand Kumar says,

my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health i have a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee, debts have increased, i am trying hard 4 change of JOB

Elizabeth says,

Please pray God heals me physically/emotionally and shows me how to cope better.

em says,

please pray for my friend and me to stop fighting she is so close to becoming a christian and I know satin is trying to make her not become a christian so please pray.

Janice says,

I have had a breakdown feeling depressed.please please pray for my marriage and my love for my husband. And my healing for my depression.

Ime says,

Please prayer for complete healing regarding my health. That my pain attacks no longer occur.