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Theo: Teaching Children God's Word

Theo lives in a quaint English village and, together with his mouse friends Luther and Belfry, investigate the fun side of theology!

Enjoy the stories and lessons of Theo, a student of Godʼs Word. This animated series guides children and adults through a careful study of systematic theology, capturing the attention of young minds with humour and engaging animation. You’ll get to know Theo, who lives in a cozy corner of a quaint English village, and his two mouse friends, Luther and Belfry. Theo discusses topics such as the doctrines of salvation, Godʼs character, the Bible, and Godly living in a way that make children want to learn more about the Christian faith. Plus, Luther and Belfry always seem to find themselves in a fun adventure!

Screening Times ( Next 7 days )

8:00 AM
5:00 PM
6:30 AM
28 Sep

Additional Info

  • Rating: G
  • Genre: Children
  • progid: 54bc8042f4c4006175ac50e5