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An unlikely team of expertise take on a fresh, liberating, honest and informative look at abortion. A highly sensitive and controversial topic, handling this matter requiring more care than dynamite.

When an unusual team decide to take an honest look at a highly sensitive and controversial topic, they're going to have to handle the subject matter with more care than dynamite… but an explosion is inevitable.
Since abortion was legalised in the USA in 1973, 'pro-choice' people and 'pro-life' people have been arch-enemies. So when 'pro-choice' Director Punam Kumar Gill, 'pro-life' Producer Drew Martin and 'neutral' Producer Joses Martin began conversations about the subject of the health effects of abortion on women, they weren’t sure whether such a partnership would be possible.
With a film-making philosophy that seeks to challenge people with knowledge, information, inspiration and perspectives that cause them to think, to reflect and grow, this unlikely team presents a completely fresh and liberating look at abortion with possibly the most comprehensive film ever done on the subject of women’s breast and reproductive health. One that every woman should see.

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2:30 AM
26 Sep

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